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Dear Pharmacy Students'


This is the first-ever platform, where you can get every solution regarding every subject of Pharmacy course. Dedicated faculty had given their inputs to come up with the simple form of every subject. Our motto is to give the pharmacy students every possible help to learn their subject more conveniently.

           All the topic has been categories under the main four subjects of Pharmacy, i.e Pharmaceutics,Pharmacology,Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Pharmacognosy. Students can easily register themselves free of charge and can access limited sources. For getting notes of their desired topics, they need to pay a nominal charge. Students can also avail different package of notes according to their choice. which they can customize as per their needs.

         Our core team of Faculty will also help the students to sort out their queries regarding any topic and there is also weekly online chat facility available where students can chat with the faculty of their choice. The schedule of the topic of discussion will be listed earlier every week. Register member will be notified on this regarding.

         Self Assessment Paper Practice (SAPP) is one the form of self-assessment, where 10 MCQs type questions are being asked from various important corners of subjects, students can freely access this section and even top three scorers of each month are awarded with a free subscription to the entire content*.

         Various books are available, which registered students can download free of cost.




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